The Wisdom of the Dancing Warrior

How are you with setting boundaries?
What’s in the way of you having clarity with what you believe?
How can you find the courage to stand in the fire and be in service of life?

Movement Medicine practice works with three central archetypal characters. The Dancing Warrior, The Wise Elder and the Dancing Fool. These serve as medicine to the drama triangle of the Rescuer (Wise Elder), Persecutor (Dancing Warrior) and the Victim (The Dancing Fool).

In this workshop, you will be invited to take a step into the shoes of The Dancing Warrior, exploring the dance of integrity to find clarity, having the courage to stand up for justice and life. Remembering how it is to be connected and at peace with yourself and the world around you. A misguided warrior who has forgotten their true purpose as a protector of life can become controlling, oppressive and violent. When this happens, absolute belief systems can appear, forcing others to accept the unacceptable, causing them pain and suffering. Remembering the Archetype of The Dancing Warrior within can help us to own our power and impact as a force for good. Reminding us that standing up for what is true in our heart doesn’t need to exclude or be at the expense of others.

We will draw on Movement medicine, Drama Therapy and Joanna Macy’s work the Reconnects to explore this rich and sometimes challenging terrain.