Ben holds a safe & vibrant
 space to explore how we 
can dance with everything 
that is flowing through us.

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Movement Medicine is an inclusive, direct and efficient form of Movement practice, suitable for people of all ages, abilities, gender & cultural background. It offers simple entry points for everyone to find life enhancing benefits. These can improve our mental and physical health 
and help us to become more conscious of our needs and how to manifest our dreams.

There are no prescribed steps or need for any prior experience of dance in any form. 
It is accessible to anyone who has a body is breathing and can sense their beating heart.

Taking the risk to radically include all that is and all that is emerging. 
To be curious, fascinated and to dare to step into the unknown. Exploring 
the edges and finding the capacity to be safe with the unsafe. To find joy, compassion and grace in our hearts. To do all this through the extraordinary resources inherent in the maps of Movement Medicine. In community we 
can achieve what we can never even imagine on our own.

When we dance we can re-wild our connection 
to life and the source of what matters to each 
of us. Movement medicine can help us become more conscious of who we are and what our purpose is in this life time.

As we dance we learn how to trust our breath, our natural movement and the intelligence of 
the body and the wisdom of the dancer inside each of us.

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“What a fabulous weekend! It was my first experience of Movement Medicine. It was by far the best therapeutic dancing experience I have ever had. 
Rosie & Ben held the space with extraordinary grace, perception and humour. 
I am now hooked and will come back as soon as I possibly can.” 

Jo Smith Oliver, Spirit of the Dancing Heart Participant